Lux Research - a division of Lux Health Resources has made advances in Autoimmune Disease

1.) Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance illnesses ( includes Dermatitis herpetiformis, Gluten/Wheat allergy , Gluten Ataxia, Hidradenitis suppurativa).
2.) Diabetes 2 Treatment 

Treatment for autoimmune disease is simple and easy; it is based on "Oral Tolerance" - a method that is able to reach and utilize the Suppressor T cell ( White blood cell). The Suppressor T cell is very special because its function is to lower Antibody production & since autoummune diseases are caused by Antibodies to our tissues - if done right can fix autoimmune diseases.

But the important part is Oral Tolerance needs a blood factor for Total Success and that factor can be induced by herbs.
In treating the above diseases, the herbs are the same. The difference in application to the particular disease is the protein administered is a specific antigen related to the disease.
Please view the Section above for more info about treating the specific illness.

NOTE: Hidradenitis Suppurativa - The origin & cause of HS has now been found. Siblings, a brother & sister had Celiac disease & HS respectively. In Celiacs - removing the cause by refraining from gluten   - going on a Gluten-free diet was followed. The Sibling with HS went on a Gluten-free diet resulting in relief of HS symptoms. This proves that HS is also an autoimmune disease caused by Antibodies to Gluten. This info has been found by a HS patient and news spread to others. However, this info is not yet known to doctors and the Medical Community.

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